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Your Future in Computer Science starts here at WFU

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Your future in Computer Science starts here at WFU

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Your future in Computer Science starts here at WFU


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The Department of Computer Science at Wake Forest University prepares students for exciting employment opportunities and for entering our own or other prestigious graduate programs.

We boast a highly-qualified and passionate faculty who enjoy student engagement in and out of the classroom.  We pride ourselves on the opportunities provided to our students for meaningful participation in leading-edge research on a broad range of contemporary topics creating solutions to real-world problems.


Faculty-Student Engagement

The Humanitech Stem Initiative

The Department prides itself on engaging undergraduate and graduate students in and out of the classroom, providing opportunities for students to work closely with faculty members in their scholarship and research. Existing programs in the Department are in the areas of network security, digital sound and music, computing for persons with disabilities, imaging, mobile computing, computational mathematics, computational biophysics, bioinformatics, HPC education, databases/big data, and GPU computing. These areas represent not only research in the Department, but also interdisciplinary collaboration in and out of the sciences in other departments. Undergraduate students routinely engage our faculty in these research areas, and the students often receive summer research fellowships from the University for full-time summer research work.

"The Computer Science Department at Wake Forest is an intimate community allowing deep engagement between students and faculty. We are dedicated to making use of innovative approaches to teaching and learning, performing impactful research, and providing meaningful service opportunities."

Dr. William Turkett, Department Chair

"... I have run my code on one of the largest super computers in the world, traveled to India, Austria, and Japan to present my research and published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences. Without the mentorship and opportunities I found at WFU CS none of this would have been possible."

Read More | Koby Hayashi, WFU CS Undergraduate Student


Our Alumni

Ethan Harrison, BS 2022

“Though not originally planning to declare a major in Computer Science, I was always interested learning more about hardware and software design. During my first semester at Wake Forest, I was able to meet a couple of the professors at the Major/Minor fair …


Zoe Chamberlin, BA May 2022

“I give my mother full credit when it comes to computer science’s place in my life. Throughout high school, it was evident that I had a natural talent and interest in the sciences. With this knowledge, my mother slowly started to mention computer science in our daily conversations. Initially, I was completely turned off by the idea.


Hannah Goodwin, BS May 2019

“I was convinced to take Intro to Computer Science because my friend told me I would probably like it. He was right! Just a few weeks into Dr. Cañas‘s class and one of my peers in a study group said, “listen to her, she’s going to be a



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