2021 Faculty Research Leaves

Two WFU Computer Science faculty – Dr. Natalia Khuri and Dr. Sam Cho – have been awarded research leaves for next year. Such a leave allows a faculty member to focus primarily on research for a period of a semester or year. Details on their plans for the leave can be found below.

Dr. Natalia Khuri: Classical and deep machine learning is rapidly changing the way scientific discoveries are made and the way companies make business decisions. These techniques rely on the availability of large datasets. Recent research showed that not  all data are useful and some may even be harmful to machine learning. During her junior leave, Natalia Khuri, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, will continue the investigation of how game-theoretic approaches can be extended and scaled to quantify the value of experimental data used in virtual ligand screening of human transporters and context-aware modeling of cancer progression.

Dr. Sam Cho: Prof. Sam Cho will develop new algorithms and release cutting-edge GPU-optimized molecular dynamics simulations of protein-nanoparticle interactions. The development of computationally intensive high performance computing simulations, which have been pioneered by his research graduate and undergraduate students, will help colleagues characterize and develop highly specific drug delivery systems and avoid unintended side effects.