A Conversation with David Robinson

A Conversation with David Robinson

David Robinson
Director of Engineering – Information Management Group
Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group
Shanghai, China

Monday, September 29, 2014
3:30—5:00 pm
Manchester Hall, Room 241

David is the Director of Engineering for the Information Management Group for Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group. They are responsible for developing new cloud based services to enable customers to more effectively manage and produce information from their “big data”. The team specializes in providing seamless access to data regardless of location, on-premises or in the cloud. David has been at Microsoft for over 8 years in a number of different roles, including leading the team that built an extremely high performance in-memory database engine, an architect within the research division specializing in security and virtualization, and architect of the Windows anti-piracy technologies. Prior to Microsoft he spent 12 years at Sun Microsystems as an architect of the Solaris operating system. David has lived in Shanghai for the last 9 months enjoying the people and the culture. When not working he enjoys traveling and bicycling.


Refreshments will be served