“Blackboard for component-based robot software failure”


 April 6th, 3:30pm, Manchester 241

TK Kang, WFU

“Blackboard for component-based robot software failure”

ABSTRACT:  Based on a survey of robotic middleware and fault tolerant features in it, there is no fault tolerant mechanism that handles a runtime failure. Hence, the components in robot application need to be capable of detection various runtime failures. Furthermore, the robotic middleware need to be capable of handling runtime failures in a component.

This research develops the blackboard architecture which detects and notifies the robot component failures to the associated components for the component-based robot applications. The blackboard architecture monitors each component for robot applications in order to detect component failures at runtime and it identifies the causes of failures. Using the dependency relationships between components, the blackboard architecture performs impact analysis between components so that it determines the scope of failure notification in the components for a robot application. The notification messages delivered to components can trigger some actions against the failures if robot application developers have implemented the actions along with application functions. The Blackboard mechanism presented in this research is applied to two case studies, unmanned ground
vehicle (UGV) application and patrolling robot application in order to validate not only the detection, the monitor and notification mechanism but also the execution of the

Blackboard in different operating system, Microsoft Window and Linux environment.