Brown Bag: Writing Software for a Living

Speaker:  Michal Sampson

Title:  Writing Software for a Living

Monday, September 1, 3:30pm

Abstract: Getting a CS degree is just the first part of taking on the title of Software Developer as your career. From internships, interviews, and the day to day of writing production software, there are a lot of things that go beyond what you learn in the classroom. This talk will focus on the day to day of the job and what being a full time developer is really like. Questions are encouraged and jokes will be attempted!

About me: Mike Sampson is a Senior Software Design Engineer at Microsoft on the Internet of Things team. He has worked there for 11 years since he graduated from Wake Forest University in 2003. His specialties include writing in various programming languages to build scalable web sites and services that run on Microsoft platforms in the cloud. He is also passionate about Agile development practices and test-first development.