Colloquium: A Defense Platform for the Internet of Things

A Defense Platform for the Internet of Things

Mohamed Eltoweissy
Professor and Department Head
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Virginia Military Institute

October 26, 4pm

Abstract: Cyberspace is becoming the nervous system of our modern society as it is increasingly being integrated in virtually all aspects of control and communication. Today’s Cyberspace comprises highly dynamic, interdependent global network of information technology infrastructures, telecommunications networks, computing systems, integrated sensors, control systems, embedded processors and controllers giving rise to the pervasive “Internet of Things (IOT).” The complexity and heterogeneity of the IoT coupled with evolving advanced persistent threats as the new reality, call for platforms to manage IOT-defenses as services. This talk will discuss IOT-defense challenges, attacks
and mitigation. It will also present our nature-inspired IoT-defense platform that utilizes diversity, pervasive evolving detection and response, and intrinsic resource elasticity and recovery capabilities. We claim that modern defense systems built around these concepts would endow their target of defense with resilience and asymmetric advantage over

Speaker’s Biography: Mohamed Eltoweissy is Full Professor and Department Head of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Virginia Military Institute. He is also affiliated with The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia
Tech. Eltoweissy served as Chief Scientist for Secure Cyber Systems at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Additionally, Eltoweissy co-founded several start-up companies. Eltoweissy’s current interests crosscut the areas of network security and resilience, cooperative autonomic systems, and networking architecture and protocols. Eltoweissy has over 170 publications in archival journals and referred conference proceedings, and an extensive record of funding. He also served on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Computers (the
flagship and oldest Transactions of the IEEE Computer Society) as well as other reputable journals. Eltoweissy is a senior member of IEEE and ACM.