CS Students Awarded Summer Research Grants

Five Computer Science students were awarded summer research grants.  They are:

  • Matt McNiece working with Dr. Errin Fulp
  • Lins Sun working with Dr. Paul Pauca
  • Nick Schirillo working with Dr. Sam Cho (Comp. Sci. & Physics)
  • Cyrus Liu working with Dr. Jennifer Burg
  • Sajant Anand working with Dr. Oana Jurchescu (Physics)

Wake Forest Research Fellowships (WFRF) are designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in intensive scholarship under the mentorship of a Wake Forest University faculty member across the summer months.  Applications must be written by the student (see the link to the form, below), though it is expected that the content of the project will evolve from conversations between the student and the faculty mentor.

The Wake Forest Research Fellowship will support projects mentored or co-mentored by Reynolda College faculty.  Additional funds from the Provost allow for support of a limited number of projects with mentors from the Medical School campus.

If awarded, the WFRF supports:

  • A $4000 stipend to the undergraduate fellow.
  • Summer housing on the WFU campus (if requested).
  • Up to $500 in supplies, to be used on the scholarly project.

Important details to consider:

  • Student applying for the WFRF must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Applications require the full consent of a faculty mentor.
  • The fellowship must span at least 10 weeks of the summer months.
  • The fellowship is meant to provide an intensive scholarly experience for the student.  Students who receive a WFRF may not take summer session classes, nor have additional employment during the summer months.
  • Applications are due February 12th, 2015.
  • Completion of the project requires the submission of an abstract and presentation of the scholarly work at Undergraduate Research Day, which is held in the fall semester on Parent’s Weekend.