CSC Presentation: Ally Kaminsky & Cyrus Liu

CSC Presentation: Ally Kaminsky & Cyrus Liu

Mon, October 19, 4pm – 5pm
Manchester 241

Cyrus Liu
3D-Printed Animatronic Hand

In order to get myself readily prepared for graduate school study, I have always been searching for opportunities for research experience. This past summer I was fortunate enough to receive such an opportunity and work with Dr. Burg in the area of 3D printing. After exploring different possibilities, my research direction settled in the construction of a 3D-printed animatronic hand. The project involves several aspects of computer science, including programming, wireless communication as well as mechanical and electronic engineering to some extend. I have gained precious knowledge from accomplishing tasks and overcoming the unexpected obstacles, and it is the process that i have enjoyed the most.


Ally Kaminsky
Research Experience at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

I participated in an NSF funded research experience for undergraduates (REU) program at Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Cambridge, MA. I worked in the Privacy Tools lab, researching differential privacy and developing a tool for calculating and releasing statistics on sensitive research data. The program consisted of about 100 interns from various engineering and applied science fields and offered a technical writing workshop series and faculty seminars. The 10 week project culminated in completing the development of an interactive query engine for releasing differentially private statistics, giving final presentations about my work to my lab and to the general REU program, and producing a final report about my work.