Department Talk: Quantum Computing Efforts at Wake’s NANOTECH

On Monday, September 30th at 4 pm in Manchester 229, Dr. David Caroll will present a talk on “Quantum Computing Efforts at Wake’s NANOTECH”. Refreshments will be served @ 3:30 pm.

Dr. Carroll is a professor in the Department of Physics at Wake Forest University and is the director of the University’s Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials.

Talk abstract: Quantum computing is growing fast, with fierce competition between Google, IBM, D-Wave and others. In this talk I will discuss some of the basic concepts in the design and construction of universal quantum processors and the materials and architectural challenges faced in the field. From this background, I will introduce the somewhat radical approach that WFU’s fledgling Quantum Computing efforts are taking. Based on a Qubit designed around topologically complex 2D material objects, WFU has already taken the first steps toward demonstrating such Qubits. First theoretically introduced by Wilchek some years ago, the idea of a “topological quantum chip” is meant to reduce the sensitivity of dephasing to local environmental factors. This, it is thought, is one of the few remaining hurdles to overcome for the realization of universal quantum computing platforms.