Dr. Burg’s Grant Funded by the NSF

Computing in the Arts – A Community-Building Initiative

Partner Institutions:
Bill Manaris and Renee McCauley, College of Charleston
Jennifer Burg, Wake Forest University
Susan Reiser and Rebecca Bruce, UNC Asheville

Abstract:  This project aims to build a strong and diversified community of computer science educators interested in adopting and further developing innovative instructional material related to “computing in the arts” (cita). Three partner institutions will collaborate on the project: The College of Charleston, Wake Forest University, and UNC Asheville. The goals of the project are to disseminate the successes of the cita model implemented at the College of Charleston; synthesize this work with other complementary approaches at partner institutions; and create and disseminate innovative instructional material. Over the three year grant period, the collaborators will host annual faculty development workshops, organize meetings and special sessions at SIGCSE, and develop of a shared website of course exemplars and instructional material.