Dr. Cho featured in: New eyes on science

A fresh pair of eyes can often bring a different or new perspective, especially when it comes to science and research.

That thought led Sam Cho, assistant professor of computer science and physics, to ask four additional pairs of eyes from outstanding undergraduate research students to participate in writing a review paper. But it wasn’t an ordinary review article.

As a leading scientist in the field, Cho was invited to submit a review summarizing recent developments in the field of molecular dynamics computer simulations, the subject of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for a commemorative issue from the Israel Journal of Chemistry.

“In retrospect, I’m glad I made the decision to bring them on but for sure it was more than a little bit ambitious,” Cho said of the students. “The Nobel Prize winning work started in the early ‘60s so it’s very difficult to come up with something new in such an active field. However, I had faith in their abilities and hard work to meet the challenge. In the end, I was very pleased that the reviewers commented on how there was a fresh perspective which is because of their contribution.”

The students were all in Cho’s research group and working on different projects related to molecular dynamics. Two are still at Wake Forest – senior Cecilia Rambarat, a chemistry major, and junior Julian Gilyard, a computer science major. The other two have gone on to greener pastures – lead author Jessica Leuchter (’14), a chemistry major who is now performing research at the Weizmann Institute in Israel; and Adam Green (’14), who is pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  [ More… ]