From the Morgue Room to the Board Room and/or Hungary for Apps

On Monday, September 21, two of our WFU Computer Science students, Katie Trimmer and Kurt Walker, will talk about their internship and study abroad experiences. The talk is from 4:00-5:00pm in Manchester 241 and the reception from 3:30-4:00pm in Manchester 229.

Below are their titles, and abstracts.


My Journey From the Morgue Room to the Board Room

Kathryn Trimmer

The summer after my freshmen year, I interned in the autopsy room of a Medical Examiners Office. From this unique experience, I realized that while I loved the puzzle solving and critical thinking aspect of the work in morgue, dead bodies was not the medium in which I wanted to work with for the rest of my career. This past summer, I worked as a Global Markets Technology intern at Bank of America in New York City. The team I worked with was focused on electronic trading and I received a lot of exposure to web application development. I have chosen to return to work with Bank of America with a full time offer post graduation as I believe it is a great environment for me to achieve my goal of being a liaison between the business and technology sides of a company.


Hungary for Apps

Kurt Walker

As a Computer Science major my options to study abroad were limited and I soon found myself in the land of Hungary. Entering into a semester surrounded by other computer science majors was a unique experience that allowed me to combine and pursue what I am truly interested in: entrepreneurship and engineering. Living alongside other computer science majors focused and energized my drive to achieve my goals and build a mobile application called Spool, which I’ve been moving forward with since.