Hannah Goodwin, BS May 2019

“I was convinced to take Intro to Computer Science because my friend told me I would probably like it. He was right! Just a few weeks into Dr. Cañas‘s class and one of my peers in a study group said, “listen to her, she’s going to be a computer doctor.” This instilled confidence in me that would propel me forward through the difficult times for which I couldn’t have prepared. I worked as a teaching assistant and a student athlete tutor my final year and I found it to be incredibly fulfilling.
While I am not currently pursuing a graduate degree to become a “computer doctor,” I am pursuing knowledge at the industry level. After graduation, I started working for IBM in their Federal Sector in Washington, D.C. This work has been different from my computer science courses, but nevertheless I see myself being called to solve problems, keep showing up, and do it with a smile, which is exactly what I had trained to do! Supported by my managers and peers, I am currently studying to become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate and I hope that it opens more doors for me in the future.
The computer science department quite literally let me hang around to go to office hours, work on homework, and find pieces of myself I didn’t know existed. Computer science is the most interesting, dynamic, “alive” subject to study and I am grateful to have had support to keep pursuing it. I don’t know what I will be doing in the future, but I do know that looking at the world from a computer science perspective will help me see the ways I can have a positive impact on those around me.”