Honors Presentations by CS Majors on April 17th

Poster promoting honors presentations on April 17th with full text repeated beside/below image

Come out to support our CS Honors Presentations this week! We start out Wednesday, April 17th at 3:30pm in Manchester 017. These CS Majors have worked hard for months on their research and we can’t wait to learn all about it!


Wed 3:30pm Konghao Zhao Evolutionary Multi-Objective Corset Selection for Data-Centric AI
Wed 3:50pm John Billos Rank-Adaptive Higher Order Orthogonal Iteration (HOOI) of Tensors
Wed 4:10pm Zishan Shao Communication-Avoiding Coordinate Descent for Elastic Net and Regularization Path LASSO
Wed 4:30pm Allison Christiano Indicators of Change: Protecting Our Systems for the Future
Wed 4:50pm Frank Schweitzer Rubik’s Cube Solver