Huffington Post names Wake Forest one of the “Top 10 Most Wired Colleges”

Wake Forest has over five thousand computers available to all students. This means there are 1.08 computers available per student, which is more than twice as high a ratio as any other college on this list. When you factor in extensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout all university-related buildings, classrooms, and housing it becomes evident that Wake Forest is the definition of a wired university.

And nobody needs to preach to Wake Forest about the importance of mobile. Students, faculty, parents and alumni stay continuously connected via the “Wake Forest Campus Life” app, which streams social media updates 24 hours a day, and provides users with important contacts and calendars of events.

But serving its own campus just isn’t enough. This past spring, Google awarded Wake Forest’s Computer Science and Physics departments with a grant to organize computational thinking workshops for local schools. Student volunteers from the CS undergraduate and graduate departments were instrumental in helping nearby teachers learn to program.