Nick Gerace, BS May 2019

“The Wake Forest University CS department gave me a community that few other could provide. I felt validated to learn, let myself get nerdy, creative and do awesome stuff with my classmates.
Through founding the Wake Forest hackathon series, WakeHacks, in my sophomore year, I’ve met some amazing people that I still keep in touch with today. Major highlights of my experience at WFU: co-directing WakeHacks for two years, serving our ACM Chapter as President for a year, and eventually getting to know (at least at a basic level) everyone in my graduating CS class.
I’ll always remember that the faculty truly does care, in a way that few other departments can rival, within Wake Forest and beyond. Only with so much faculty effort and interest was our first hackathon possible.
As of May 2020, I am almost a year into my full-time career, which began (and still is) at NetApp. As a Software Engineer at NetApp, I work on the infrastructure and tooling for Project Astra, a Kubernetes application lifecycle management service.
Since joining, I’ve received awards in both company hackathons this fiscal year, which helped fuel my passion for open source, and research outside of work.
It’s been a great first year, and I cannot thank the Wake Forest University CS department enough for enabling me and my classmates to reach our full potential. They’ve not only done that. More importantly, they’ve helped so many of us find what kind of work, studies, and subjects make us happy.”