Sajant Anand Awarded a UPE Scholarship

2017 Scholarship Awards

Each year the Executive Council of Upsilon Pi Epsilon evaluates a large number of scholarship applications from students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All scholarship applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application form including a statement on their long-term plans in the profession, a summary of their contributions to their respective UPE chapters and related student activities at their college or university. Applicants are also required to submit all college-level transcripts and a recommendation from the UPE faculty adviser. Council is pleased to present our list of Scholarship Awards for 2017.

UPE Scholarship Recipients for 2017.  $50,000 will be Distributed to 39 UPE Members.  Sajant Anand is one of the 39 that received part of that distribution.

UPE Executive Council Awards
Cristen Anderson (UG) UCLA
Sajant Anand (UG) Wake Forest University
Yiyang Wang (Grad) DePaul University

Other awards include the  UPE Scholar of the Year Award – This is UPE’s highest scholarship award and is presented to an applicant who, in the eyes of the Executive Council, was the most outstanding applicant in 2017 and the UPE Named Scholarship Award – This award is named in honor of Dr. Dan Drew, a UPE pioneer, who was the principal adviser to the six CS students who are credited with the founding of UPE at Texas A&M University in 1967.