So you want to work in IT? Sane, Crazy, or two sides of the same coin?

So you want to work in IT?
Sane, Crazy, or two sides of the same coin?

Vice President of IT
Pike Enterprises LLC

Monday, Oct. 3, 2016
3:30 pm/Reception
Manchester Hall—229

4:00 pm/Presentation
Manchester Hall -241

The IT field makes for a truly exciting career choice but is unlike many other fields of study.  You get to learn and interact with the latest technology but what you have learned today is outdated tomorrow.   Educational opportunities abound but many of the most valued skills in the workplace can be and oftentimes are self-taught.  Jobs are plentiful but competition for jobs has become truly global in scale.  The pay can be great but pressure to deliver is at an all-time high.  Mr. Seymour will dive into the facts and fables of being an IT professional in today’s workplace and what employers look for in their ideal candidates.  He will also discuss different avenues of employment, what to expect, and how to succeed in each area.  And for those that are truly crazy, some advice on getting noticed for promotion and the coveted C-Level seat.e coveted C-Level

Mr. Seymour has served as Vice President of IT at Pike since September 2007.  During his time at Pike he has overseen numerous acquisitions, multiple ERP implementations, a datacenter modernization effort, virtualization, large scale growth and the addition of over thirty new offices, international expansion, offshore staffing, and an expansion of field service technology using iPads. He is also leading Pike’s current efforts in cyber security, cloud computing, and critical infrastructure protection.  He has been a speaker at multiple conferences on topics such as IT Innovation, Field Service Technology, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, moving to the cloud, Cyber Security, and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Previously, Mr. Seymour served as CIO at Forsyth Country Day School and taught Cisco networking in a partnership with Forsyth Technical Community College.  Prior to that, Mr. Seymour was a Sr. Network Engineer at NetUnlimited in Winston-Salem.

Mr. Seymour graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Secondary Education.  He also holds a Master’s in Library and Information Systems from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.