Software Development: More Than Just Programming

 Software Development: More Than Just Programming

Dr. Don Gotterbarn
Director of the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute

Thursday, March 30 at 5:00
Manchester Hall 016
Reception talk before: 017 – 4:30

Abstract: We are often surprised by the number of non-programming related issues that affect the professional’s efforts to develop quality software and web interfaces. Development efforts are constrained in a number of positive and negative ways. This talk addresses some of those current issues including software standards, licensing of software developers, malpractice and liability for unanticipated software errors, and professional and ethical issues, and suggests ways to proactively address these situations.
Bio: Don is the Director of the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute, Professor Emeritus East Tennessee State University and visiting professor at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, UK. He has been active as a researcher and participant promoting professional computer standards and ethics for over 25 years and has been an expert witness in computer ethics cases. His technical work includes funded research on performance prediction, object-oriented testing, and software engineering education and computer ethics. His research has appeared in more than 100 articles in professional journals, and his contribution to the field has been recognized by various professional bodies. He was a finalist for the World Technology Summit Awards 2011 and now leads the ACM Code of Ethics update project. Additionally, he has worked as a computer consultant on international software projects for the U.S. Navy, the Saudi Arabian Navy, and the European Union.