The Art of Start and the Science of Triumph

The Art of Start and the Science of Triumph
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 4pm
Salman Azhar, Duke

Salman Azhar is a serial entrepreneur and an investor who has chosen to dedicate his time to giving back by encouraging the future generation of young people to put their ideas into action. He will talk about tactics to improve the success of an idea’s conversion into reality. He will walk through the evolution of a tech start-up from the idea phase to conception.

Salman will bring the Silicon Valley mindset to the discussion and demonstrate how tech entrepreneurs deal with success, pivots, and exit. The creation of start-ups is about managing ideas and executing a practical plan to flourish despite the challenges. He will highlight the challenges involved at a start-up exceed in scope those one might otherwise face, which may be limited to converting ideas into code. This includes seeking out complementary partners, pitching an idea, raising funds, delivering value, and planning an exit strategy.

When you start a new venture or launch a new product, you have to answer certain questions. Why will the people pick your company? How do you create a product compelling enough to move consumers to sign up? Why will they make a decision? This talk will equip you with the thought process you need to answer these questions.