Waving to the Future—3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

DSCF0062Cyrus Liu, a rising Wake Forest senior from Beijing, has taken his passion for computer science to the next level. After receiving one of Wake Forest’s undergraduate research Fellowships, Cyrus has constructed a prosthetic hand that mirrors the movement of his own. Faculty Advisor and Computer Science Professor Dr. Jennifer Burg describes him as a “hard worker and especially bright.” While his studies provided him the knowledge base to write his own computer program for this project, the 3D modeling and printing, along with all the mechanical, technical, and electrical applications involved were completely self-taught this summer. His idea was to create a prosthetic hand that mirrored the movement of another hand, in the event that someone could, for example, reach down and clutch a ball, a movement that requires both hands doing the

same thing.


His genius involves a golf glove equipped with flexible sensors that respond to the movement of his fingers, which sends information to an Arduino, a mini circuit board. [ MORE… ]