To celebrate the Wake Forest’s #11 ranking by US News and World Report in universities with exceptional teaching, the College is sponsoring “11 Days of Teacher Appreciation 2013”.   We are using social media to talk about (and get students and alums to talk about) teaching and teachers at Wake Forest.  Each day features a hashtag challenge–for instance, today’s challenge is “most fascinating fun fact you learned at WFU.”

Through this initiative, we are collecting a multitude of thank yous, notes, and “fun facts” about Wake Forest College faculty. Check out the site at http://wfutaughtme.weebly.com/ to see a description of the celebration and a summary of the tweets and instagrams that we are collecting.  (#WFUTaughtMe on Twitter)  Many, many thanks to the College fellow, Lindsay Schneider, and Senior Associate Dean Rebecca Thomas for orchestrating this celebration.