Do I need a background in computer science in order to major?

Students definitely do not need prior computer science experience to major in computer science. This is a typical question and concern of potential students. Many, if not most, CS majors enter the program with no or minimal CS experience.

What are the typical jobs for students who complete a major in computer science?

The answer to this is that there is no “typical” job for our graduates. They go to many and quite varied places, including graduate school. This link, on our University’s Office of Personal and Career Development website, provides a summary of jobs pursued by computer science majors generally. In addition, this link allows for downloading a spreadsheet of first destination jobs specifically for Wake Forest University computer science majors between 2004 and 2017. Our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles provide information on our alumni as well..

Do computer science majors study abroad?

Absolutely. Many computer science students study abroad, and most earn credit toward their CS degrees. Instructions for applying for course approval is on our website, and many courses students may want to take may already have been approved.

Do computer science majors obtain internships in the summer?

Absolutely. Students work at many different jobs all over the country. Often students find these jobs near their homes, and the department distributes email when requests from companies come in looking for students for the summer. This information is usually on WFU Handshake.

Can I get credit for AP Computer Science courses?

Yes. We offer credit for AP Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles. Obtaining a grade of 5 on the AP exam, will give you credit for CSC 111 – Introduction to Computer Science or CSC 101 – Overview of Computer Science, respectively. Earning a 4 on the AP exam will allow you to skip these classes as prerequisites, but you will not receive WFU credit. Earning credit does not, however, count as a WFU divisional in Division V.