Honors Program


Honors Program

Highly qualified majors are invited by the department chair to apply for admission to the honors program. To graduate with a designation of “Honors in Computer Science,” students must satisfactorily complete a senior research paper and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major and 3.0 in all college work.

Invitations to graduating seniors are usually sent within the first two weeks of each fall semester.

The Honors Thesis does not carry academic credit. Instead, it is intended as a special research project that reflects the student’s ability to go above and beyond the usual course work.

Proposing a Project for Senior Honors Research

Students who have been invited by the department chair to apply for an Honors Thesis and who wish to undertake a research project should complete this proposal form jointly with a faculty member who has agreed to serve as project advisor. The completed form should be submitted to the Computer Science Department Honors Thesis Coordinator by the second ” last day to drop” deadline for for the semester in which the student will begin working on the Honors Thesis.


All prospective Senior Honors students are asked to write a research paper and present the results of their research in a talk to Computer Science students and faculty. The faculty adviser will supply details on the format for the paper and presentation. The student should schedule his or her presentation to take place sometime in the last two weeks of the semester in which the research is completed. Scheduling can be done through the student’s adviser and the departmental administrative assistant.