Study Abroad


Planning for Study Abroad & Summer School Elsewhere

Study abroad, summer school elsewhere, and generally gaining experience at other universities provide rich experiences for students. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities and do all we can to provide support.

In order to expedite the process, students who plan on these activities must meet with their Computer Science major or minor advisor to discuss options and review the program and courses they are interested in. This should be done during the advising period prior to the semester abroad or summer school session, earlier if possible. Students who have not yet declared a Computer Science major or minor and wish to take computer science courses abroad or in summer school may want to make an appointment with a computer science faculty member by contacting the department administrative assistant.

Note: Before completing the information for the College, students should first follow the procedure for the Computer Science Department.


College Procedure:

For students wishing to take courses within the US for transfer credit, in addition to Computer Science policy and procedures, are also subject to those of Wake Forest University. Please read the University Registrar’s Guidlines here. For students planning to study abroad, a “Semester Course Approval Form for Study Abroad”must be completed.

Computer Science Procedure:

All students seeking course approval for summer school elsewhere or transfer credit have the ability through WIN to review pre-approved courses. Even if this site lists a course as pre-approved, the student must still apply for approval via the Registrar’s Office, as each transfer course must be approved for the individual student.

Please note the following from the College Bulletin: A maximum of 7 hours at the 200-level or above may be transferred toward the BA or BS in computer science, with a maximum of 3 hours at the 300 level. For the computer science minor, all computer science electives at 193-level and above must be taken at Wake Forest.

  • If the course a student wants to take is not on the pre-approved list, then the student should email the following to the Computer Science Department administrative assistant:
  • URL for the university where the course is offered.
  • URL for the program or department of the course.
  • URL for the course. If the syllabus is not in the course URL, then attach a syllabus.
  • Information about number of lecture and lab sessions and the length of each if not included on the website or in the syllabus.
  • Any other pertinent information.

All attachments to the email should have file names that reflect the university name, course number and name, etc. Generic file names such as “syllabus.pdf” should not be sent.

The student will be notified of the result of the course review and what, if any, transfer credit will be allowed, usually within about two weeks.


Access To VPN

Students should be able to connect to the University VPN from anywhere in the world with the Cisco AnyConnect Client. Because the AnyConnect Client uses Google for authentication, if students are traveling to a country that blocks Google then a special change will need to be made to allow the student to connect. The student only needs to follow the instructions on the following page to obtain VPN access:


If a student is in one of the countries listed on that page, then they should submit a request as soon as possible so that can get the access they need. Request can be submitted through this link: