Student Experience


Bachelor of Arts

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts degree program will have an ability to:


Design, implement, and test programs that efficiently solve application problems in high-level programming languages


Design, implement, and test collaborative solutions for applications using software engineering principles and communication tools


Describe and utilize systems for managing sequentially and concurrently shared resources


Bachelor of Science

In addition to the outcomes listed for the Bachelor of Arts program, graduates of the Bachelor of Science degree program will also have an ability to:

Analyze the worst-case computational performance of algorithms of varying complexity

What is the difference between the BS and BA programs?

Which one is better?

Neither degree is “better,” they are simply different. The BS degree requires more depth is some computer science areas, while the BA degree requires fewer hours and allows more flexibility to double major or spend more time in an another program in which the student may have a passion and want to bring computer science to bear. Employers never ask for only BS or BA students but are more apt to look at the courses and other computer science background. Full requirements are on the departmental website

Students do not need prior computer science experience to major in Computer Science. Students interested in the major are encouraged to:

• Take CSC 111 and MST 117 freshman year. Students with appropriate experience or AP scores may skip CSC 111 and go straight to CSC 112. Credit is given for CSC 111 with an AP score of 5. With an AP score of 4, students may skip CSC 111 but will not receive credit.

• Take CSC 112 and CSC 221 as early as feasible. Completing these courses in the sophomore year provides the most flexibility in scheduling other required courses and electives. While not necessary, completing CSC 111, 112, 221, and MST 117 by then end of the fall semester of the sophomore year provides the best flexibility, especially for the BS.

• Consider taking another 200-level course in the sophomore year. Reviewing prerequisites for the 300-level electives may help decide which 200-level courses to take early. For example, CSC 241 is a prerequisite for CSC 348 Computer Security.

• Review the math requirements for Computer Science BA and BS and consider taking some math in the first two years.

• Review the Computer Science degree requirements and other information on the department website and make an appointment with a faculty advisor in the Computer Science Department by contacting the department’s administrative assistant.

A bachelor of science (BS) in computer science requires a minimum of thirty-eight hours in computer science and three courses in mathematics. The courses in computer science must include 111, 112, 211, 221, 222, 231, 241, and 399, and at least 12 hours in computer science fulfilled with courses at the 300-level or higher. The required courses in mathematics are 112, 117, and one of the following: 121, 205, or 206. MST 113 and either MST 256 or 357 are also recommended for students considering graduate work in computer science.

A bachelor of arts (BA) in computer science requires a minimum of twenty-seven hours in computer science and three courses in mathematics or statistics. The courses in computer science must include 111, 112, 221, 241, and 399. An additional twelve hours in computer science are required, including three hours at the 191 level or higher, three hours at the 200 level or higher, and six hours at the 300 level or higher. The required courses in mathematics are MST 117; either MST 121, 205, or 206; and one course selected from MST 109, 112, or 256, or any statistics course approved by the Computer Science Department.

Students with a special interest in multidisciplinary work may wish to consider a program of study that combines computer science with another discipline such as art, business, mathematics, biology, and others.

Students wishing to take graduate-level classes, 6xx or 7xx, for undergraduate or graduate credit, should fill out this form. Return the form to the registrar’s office in Reynolda 110.