Student Projects


Recent Student Projects

Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to work with faculty members on research projects. Research interactions often stem from shared interests between students and faculty and may involve various types of engagement and expectations around the research work. Each fall semester the department faculty participate in a seminar series where they describe active research projects

Examples of recent projects that students have been involved in through formalized mechanisms are provided below; a significant number of additional opportunities exist outside of these formalized mechanisms.

Within the groupings by year, projects are separated by type, and then alphabetically by faculty member.


Summer 2021 Undergraduate Projects

These project have been supported by the URECA Wake Forest Research Fellowship mechanism, Richter Scholars mechanism, or Computer Science Department funding.

  • The Shaken Cybersecurity of Brazil, Robust MARL Algorithm Against Compromised Agent Attacks, and Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Exploration of Unknown Environments with Dr. Sarra Alqahtani
  • Generative Deep Learning for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Patient Comfort with Dr. Grey Ballard
  • Analysis and Generation of 15th to 17th Century Counterpoint Using Hidden Markov Models with Dr. Jennifer Burg
  • Analyzing the Interaction and Propagation Pattern of Amyloid and Tau in Alzheimer’s Disease using Longitudinal Neuroimaging Data and Uncovering the Heterogeneity of Neurodegeneration Trajectories in Alzheimer’s Disease Using Deep Predictive Stratification Network with Dr. Minghan Chen
  • Smart Spaces for the Visually Impaired with Dr. Paúl Pauca



Academic Year 2020-2021 Senior Honors Theses

These projects were undertaken by senior computer science majors invited to obtain departmental honors upon graduation.

  • Machine Learning Techniques to Detect Adversaries in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Systems with Dr. Sarra Alqahtani
  • Using Fast Matrix Multiplication to Speedup Neural Network Training with Dr. Grey Ballard
  • Computational Model of the Regulatory Network and Protein Proteolysis in Caulobacter Crescentus with Dr. Minghan Chen
  • Reverse Engineering Compilation and Execution Information of Binary Files with Machine Learning and Evaluating Performance of Deep Learning-Based
    Content-Aware Image Restoration Methods with Dr. Sam Cho
  • Computing the Value of Data in Machine Learning Applications and Dimensionality Reduction of Single Cell RNA-seq Data and Segmentation of COVID-19 Lung Infection from CT Images with Dr. Natalia Khuri
  • Image Emotion Recognition Model Based on Age and Gender using Deep Neural Networks with Dr. Paúl Pauca

Academic Year 2020-2021 Masters Theses

These projects were undertaken by Masters students to complete the MS thesis track option.

  • Parallel Algorithms for Low-Rank Approximations of Matrices and Tensors with Dr. Grey Ballard
  • Classification of Heterogeneous Data Sets of Single Cell RNA Sequencing Experiments Using Deep Learning and Predicting Single Guide RNA Targets for Genome Editing Using Deep Learning with Dr. Natalia Khuri